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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Benefits of millet Bread


      Benefits of millet Bread           

   Friends, today i am talking about
   millet bread millet bread is very
   useful for our health                                                        
       if you can use it regularly then it  
   will very useful for our health many
   Indian Bolliwood stars use  millet , like                karina kapur khan for losing fat

      so now i am telling Its benefits ---

      (1) Low Calorie - it have Calorie is low, so it can be control weight


        (2) Cholesterol  - if you are taking regular then, it can be control Cholesterol , then heart 
                               attacking problem reduce.

       (3) Fiber - it have fiber so digestion is good.


       (4) it can be control blood sugar level, so care for diabetes.


 (5) it have potassium magnesium so it can be contro blood pressur

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